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Match mascara to eye shape

Match mascara to eye shape

Mascara is a staple in pretty much every woman's beauty bag. It widens the eyes, gives you thicker lashes and can make you look more awake; what's not to love?! But just as with any other product, it's important to find a tailor-made technique that caters to your eye shape. We break down what you need to know in order to make the most of your peepers.

Small eyes

Particularly those with small features will likely reach for mascara to give them that wide-eyed look. You want to start off with one coat, covering the entirety of the top and bottom lashes. When it comes to the second, apply just at the middle of the lash line. This will give the illusion that your eyes are wider.


If you have monolids, it's all about the length and not about the thickness. Pick a lengthening mascara and avoid lumps at all costs by using a lash comb afterwards. It's important that the eyelid is visible through the mascara: it will create the illusion of wide-open eyes.

Round eyes

Those with round eyes are generally pretty lucky, as the shape immediately makes them appear bigger. To really work with your features, focus on the top lash line and if you're going for a cat eye, the outer corners. Leave bottom lashes bare or minimal.

Uneven eyes

The body isn't symmetrical and that includes your eyelids. If the difference is fairly noticeable, it's an excuse to go for dark eye make-up. Team thickening mascara with a smoky eye to hide any unevenness.

Wide-set eyes

If there's a large gap between your eyes, you'll want to focus on the inner lashes. Apply one coat to the whole lashes, then apply a second just to the inner corner to make your eyes appear closer together.

Close-set eyes

Here, you want the exact opposite to the above: the focus should be on your outer lashes. Apply a second coat from the middle out and use a liquid liner at the outer corners to make eyes appear further apart.

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