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Master the milkmaid braid

Master the milkmaid braid

Coming up with new ways to wear your hair is always hard and when the warmer weather starts to creep in, it's even trickier to know how to wear it without ending up a sweaty mess with frizzy locks. But one way to keep cool and look the business without resorting to a boring ponytail or top knot, is by doing a milkmaid braid.

If you're not familiar with the term, you might be with the appearance: a thick plait that looks like it runs all the way around your head, from behind each ear. It's a style that has been favoured by many celebrities over the years, including British actresses Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley and fashion designer Mary-Kate Olsen. But how do you achieve such a complex looking style?

It's actually easier than you might think. Once your hair is brushed through, put it in a middle parting so that both sides have equal amounts of hair. If you want to, rub a little styling cream into the roots, as this can make it easier to work with and keep in place.

Plait one side of your hair and fix with an elastic band, and then the other. It can help to thicken the end of the plait by gently pulling on the hair. Once both sides are done, take one plait and pull it over the top of your head, fixing it behind the opposite ear with crossed kirby grips in the same colour as your tresses. Once it's secure, wrap the other one over the top, ensuring it is about an inch behind the hairline so that you'll be able to see the plaits from the front - and remember, it doesn't need to be neat! Hold them both in place with hair pins, slightly pinning the plaits together to make it extra secure. Spray a little hairspray over the top, but don't worry about flyaways; a few can add to the bohemian nature of the look which is so associated with the likes of Sienna and Mary-Kate.

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