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Master long-lasting make-up

Master long-lasting make-up

Setting your make-up gets even more important if you're facing situations where you're likely to get hot and sweaty. So with holiday season in full swing, it's likely you'll find yourself looking for ways to stop your hard work sliding right off your face. We take you through the best ways to set every part of your beauty look, from eyes to lips.

Eyes and brows

First of all, you need to ensure you have an oil-free base for eyeshadow to glide on to. If you suffer from greasy eyelids, it's super important you thoroughly wash and moisturise your face first.

And if you thought primer was just for foundation, think again! There are lots of priming products for the eyes, tasked with keeping your shadow in place. Urban Decay does an effective version if you don't have one yet. If you don't want to invest in a primer you can also use a cream eyeshadow as a base, then apply a powdered one on top. Finally, you can set eyeshadow and brow liner with a make-up fixing spray like MAC's Prep + Prime Fix + or make your own using a spray bottle and mineral water.


Again, cleanse and moisturise thoroughly so you have the ideal base to work with. There are plenty of foundations promising 24-hour wear, but none will get anywhere near that unless you start things with a primer - we think bareMinerals' is among the best. Powder foundations won't need much setting, but if you're using a liquid version, invest in a sheer face powder to dust over the top. Finish things off with a make-up setting spray.


Lipstick is especially tricky to keep in place, often wearing away thanks to food and drink and licking the lips. Exfoliate your pout first (you can make a gentle lip scrub by mixing sugar with honey, then rinsing) and then start off with a base of concealer. Lip liner is your new best friend, but pick one in the exact shade of the lipstick you'll be applying. Rather than just outlining, pencil it across the entirety of your lips - trust us, this works! Then use a lip brush to precisely fill in the rest of your mouth with the lipstick. Blot, reapply and finish off with a coat of setting product such as Lipcote.

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