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Making the most of your dye job

Making the most of your dye job

Leaving the salon with freshly dyed hair makes you feel on top of the world but fast forward a couple of weeks and things could be very different. Redheads likely find their hue has faded, blondes may have gone brassy and brunettes won't have the shine they used to.

There are things you can do to keep your hair looking fresh for longer though, and we don't just mean those age-old tips like only washing it in cold water. There is actually a new raft of products hitting stores aimed at prolonging your dye job, no matter what shade you've gone for.

If you're after a quick fix, Charles Worthington's new launch is a good place to start. Its Colour Revive Tinted Colour Mousses are lightweight, leave-in products, which give your shade a boost for up to three washes. As well as helping with the colour, they should make your tresses look shinier - and if that's really all you're after, there is a clear version available to really amp up the gloss factor.

There are conditioning ingredients and silicones in them which encourage the hair to lie flat, which helps with shine. The only downside is if you have fine hair, it might feel a little weighed down, so experiment with using different amounts. Just comb a couple of pumps through sections of wet hair and then style as normal.

There are also colour-protecting shampoos and conditioners in the range, plus Instant Root Concealers - designed to offer a quick fix for regrowth between salon visits.

The line includes colour versions for blondes and two shades of brunette, plus a violet option of the shampoo, conditioner and mousse for women who are worried about brassiness.

Not catered to are redheads, but that's not problem, because there is a little-known product which will be your saviour. It's a specialist conditioner, available from beauty wholesalers, that has an added shot of colour in it. There are several versions available, including Osmo Colour Revive, which comes in bright red, purple and brunette shades. It does stain hands, so it's important to use gloves when you apply it to wet hair, then comb through and leave for up to ten minutes. When you wash it out, your hair will be back to its bold best - you'll be amazed how long you can last between hairdresser appointments!

If you're looking for something which will care for your hair and inject a bit of colour, try Scott Cornwall's Colour Restore. These don't have any ammonia or peroxide in them and were created especially for locks which are fading, so you can either use them as a speedy conditioning treatment or for longer if you want a darker result. Everyone is catered to here, whether you have brunette, grey, purple, blonde or red tresses. What's interesting is that the blonde versions help combat brassiness and they can all help mask greys.

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