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Make your own rainbow powder

Make your own rainbow powder

The magical rainbow highlighter is everywhere at the moment, with beauty fans clamouring over getting their hands on the Prism powder unveiled in April (16) by Bitter Lace Beauty. You too can join the hype, but without having to fork out and sit waiting.

With many making their own compact at home, like Reddit user TheKittenButcher, we're going to take you through the steps in which you can do the same; DIY beauty has never looked so colourful.

What you need:

A multi-shade eyeshadow palette or pigments (must include pastel yellow, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple)

Illuminating powder pearls

A highlighter compact

Empty blush compact

Rubbing alcohol, suitable for use on skin

What you do:

Crush the highlighter into powder consistency

Select which shade eyeshadows you wish to use, and if in a palette crush them into powder, leave in separate dishes

Sprinkle dustings of the highlighter into each shade, mix dry

Add drops of alcohol to each tone and mix until you get a thick paste

Using a small spoon, or tweezers, move each coloured, sparkling paste into the empty compact case

Press into shape, aligning each neatly and making sure the colours touch but don't mix

Once in, press down with a paper down until the colour has stop transferring onto the paper - this will soak up and excess alcohol

Allow to dry properly (up to 24 hours)

And you're done! There are so many varieties you can do with this concept. Go for different shades of pink, purples or the colour of your choice, or go bold with bright colours if you have a fancy dress or rave party coming up.

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