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Make your haircut last for longer

Make your haircut last for longer

Stepping out of the salon with freshly-chopped locks fills you with confidence, but that sensation can sink a week later when you’ve lost that ‘new-do’ look to a messy, rushed finish for work. With a little extra effort you can keep the just-cut style for longer by giving it a little extra TLC.

It all begins with the quality and shape of your cut – if you want something to last and not look ridiculous after a week or two, make sure you’re going for a style that suits you and will look fab even when grown out a little.

Fine hair is best kept with subtle, minimal layering so the shape stays clearer for longer, whereas those with thick tresses should go for layers that relieve weight and prevent the hair from growing out too bulky. You should also take into account that if you go for a short cut, the quicker it will lose its shape, especially if it’s a drastic one. Layered cuts on the other hand can go up to 12 weeks without needing a trim, compared to styles like a pixie requiring a touch up every six to eight weeks in order to maintain the finish.

While it’s suggested to keep your hair clean, don’t overdo it – the softer your hair becomes the harder it is to work, whereas if you leave it a day between it will be less effort to style.

Steer clear of regularly using heat tools on your hair too, which will just frazzle the ends no matter how much heat-protector you have on. We suggest picking a style that would work both straight and wavy if you have naturally curly hair, that way you can leave it to do its thing more often.

On days you have nowhere to be, like a lazy Sunday, give yourself the day off when it comes to hair maintenance. Around 24 hours with no tugging, teasing or drying does wonders, and to keep those ends in tact treat yourself to a repair mask.

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