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Make your hair shinier

Make your hair shinier

Rather than forking out on an expensive treatment to give your hair more shine, you can turn to some reasonably priced products that you may already have in your cupboard!

Not only does coconut oil make a healthy, tasty addition to meals but it does wonder on your locks too. Massage an unrefined version into your dry hair (you may need to melt it a little in the microwave to make it workable), leave it for 10 minutes and rinse out with warm water and gently wash it, massaging as you go along. Do it on a day where you have no plans so you can keep your tresses wrapped in a towel for as long as possible to ensure all the goodness is absorbed.

A clarifying treatment is the only product we’d recommend after using coconut oil as it will banish all residue and build up of dirt on your scalp. The more rubbish on your head, the duller your hair will seem! There are rinses, which you mix with water, or there are shampoos, both of which give great results and leave your head shimmering. Use once or twice a week if you feel your tresses need some extra TLC, but those with fine hair or dyed hair should be careful about how you approach it and seek advice from an expert first to ensure no damage is done.

You may not realise this but using the right tools on your hair is also essential in keeping it shiny. Natural bristles glide through your strands easier and spread your natural oils in just the right way to give you a glistening finish, whereas nylon brushes can catch and break hair.

You can make your tresses shiny from the inside too with what you eat. Fish, with its omega 3 and fatty acids, is a great addition to the diet if you’re looking to thicken and strengthen your hair, and all the nutrients will also give a glossy touch. Olive oil also boasts omegas, as do nuts - so non-fish eaters don’t have to worry about tucking into salmon in order to benefit! You can enjoy the perks of eggs too as the L-cysteine found in yolks promotes keratin production, known for creating lustrous locks.

If you’re brave you can find egg treatments to put on your hair online, but eating them is just as beneficial. There’s nothing wrong with taking supplements either if you’re a fussy eater; vitamin E tablets will help boost circulation and stimulate hair growth on your head, just make sure you double check with your GP if you have any concerns.

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