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Make-up tricks for the festive season

Make-up tricks for the festive season

During the festive season you want to look your best, especially when you know the cameras will be out in full force. There are some simple make-up tricks you can pull to look flawless in all your photos, and here we take you through them.

You may be tempted to go for an overall dewy look to glow in front of the lens, but if you overdo it you may appear oily. To find the perfect balance, keep your T-zone matte with a translucent loose powder as these are the areas which catch the light more. Add a small dusting to your chin too, but leave your cheeks dewy. And whatever you do, don't smother your face in a compact powder before a photo as that will only make things more greasy. Why not take a tester shot beforehand to see how it comes out, then adjust accordingly if need be!

Another product you don't want to go overboard with is concealer. There may be a few pesky zits that need covering, but you want to do it right. Pick a cover-up that matches your skin tone/foundation perfectly and cover the blemish very lightly, as it may not look heavy in the mirror but could show up big time on the camera. The cakey look is not a good one.

Your eyes should also be taken into account when planning to pose for photos. If you're a fan of black eyeliner or eyeshadow, you may want to rethink this as dark tones are prone to smudging and look harsh both in natural light and in the flash. Opt for a slightly lighter shade, like brown or grey, if you still want to keep things bold. Or get into the Christmas spirit and add a soft application of a festive green colour. Using a light eyeshadow shade, apply it to the corner of your eyes to make them pop in front of the camera.

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