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Make-up for men sussed

Make-up for men sussed

Tips on how to apply make-up properly are rife online and in magazines, but they're all aimed at women. What if you're a man who fancies a bit of a cover-up with cosmetics, where's the advice for you?

Look no further than right here, as Seena Seka, skincare specialist for Re-Gen Oil & Safa Cosmetics, has given us a lowdown on how guys can make their skin the perfect base for make-up.

“It is essential for men to follow a strict skincare regime to ensure your skin remains healthy looking, glowing and youthful before applying make-up," she explained to Cover Media. "Even small amounts of make-up can cause undesirable side effects to the skin, including reddening and dryness around the eyes, which can result in ‘ageing’ of the skin."

An exfoliant is the place to start, as Seena explains that investing in a good facial scrub will allow you to remove unwanted dead skin.

Those males with stubble pay attention here, as there is a right way to go about getting rid of it before putting products on. Seena stresses how important it is to moisturise after shaving in order to soothe your skin, but don't apply moisturiser again until before you add make-up in order for your complexion to breathe.

So what if you don't want to ditch the rugged look? "For those that have facial hair but don’t wish to remove it, apply concealer in sections that need it, avoiding foundation as this won’t apply easily with facial hair and is too heavy," Seena added. "Men also have larger pores than women, so use water based foundations, not oil-based, to avoid spots and breakouts."

She points out how important keeping hydrated throughout the day is too as this will make the process of applying so much easier. Around eight classes of water a day is recommend to keep your ph levels balanced.

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