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Make-up artist David Horne dismisses online tutorials

Make-up artist David Horne dismisses online tutorials

David Horne doesn't think online tutorials will ever be better than lessons learnt at make-up schools.

YouTube make-up how tos have gained huge popularity over the last few years, with beauty fans able to learn just about anything; from covering acne to contouring and sculpting cheekbones.

And while they're great if you're pushed for time on a Saturday night, renowned make-up artist David doesn't think they really do much justice to his industry.

"I think the nice thing about a make-up school verses online is actually we talk back, there's interaction. Whereas online it's very much: follow the tutorial, mine doesn't look like that, sh*t what does this look like? Stop, pause, oh my god it's gone wrong," David smiled to Cover Media.

"I was recently asked, 'Do you think the end is nigh for make-up schools because of online make-up tutorials?' But I don't think they work, how can you work make-up online? It's a tactile sport."

It comes as no surprise that David runs a school himself, House of Glamdolls (, in the heart of London. Along with Chinyee Chu, the pair are teaching both men and women exactly how to apply their cosmetics.

And David's advice shouldn't be sniffed at; he's previously held directorial roles at MAC as well as creating cult products for Illamasqua, including Hydra Veil and Matte Veil.

"Translating to people via social media platforms is amazing, but bone structure and the principles of make-up artistry, understanding the face dictates and wins," David stated. "So it's not just surgical things, it's not obsessive Botox and fillers and OCD of the face. It's understanding what your face can do, how to maximise it but by knowing the answers by bone structure and those principles of proportion. I think people have missed that.

And what it boils down to for the cosmetics king is that online videos are misleading - not everyone has the right features to pull off any look.

"There's a lot more education needed out there in terms of understanding what can and can't happen. When women want Marilyn [Monroe] flicks, they don't understand you can't have them, your eye doesn't do that. But you've got great lips, or you've got great skin tone or texture. So play up those things," he advised.

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