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Make short hair longer in seconds

Make short hair longer in seconds

Those with long hair have the benefit of being able to tie it up or style it into a completely different ‘do. Ladies with shorter hair often struggle to mix things up but with a host of new products on the market to give the illusion of longer hair in just minutes, it’s never been easier to change your look.

Flowing and fabulous

You don’t need to spend hours upon hours in the salon to get longer hair, with the vast array of clip- ins available. DJ and former British reality star Lauren Pope has found huge success with her Hair Rehab London range, and for good reason. One thing Lauren has capitalised on is the desire for volumised locks – thanks to styles made famous by stars such as the Kardashians. So as well as her regular clip in extensions, Lauren’s range also offers a Luxe Volume option. With a staggering 160g of hair, Lauren acknowledges that this may well be too much hair for many people – but the fact it comes in one large piece, two mediums, two small and four mini pieces means it is entirely customisable. In addition to this, the Luxe Volume clip-ins are available in two lengths – 18 or 20 inches – and 15 different shades – allowing you to fake longer hair convincingly. This isn’t a cheap option by any means, but the benefit is that you can use over and over again, and you also have the choice to remove them – unlike extensions if you were to have them at a salon. The price also reflects the quality of the hair used for the clip-ins. Cheaper options are widely available but can often end up looking cheaper – so this might be a case where it pays to splash out.

Updo time

For big evenings out or events, updos can often be a good call. Unless you have shoulder length hair, this can prove difficult. But as well as clip in longer extensions, hair companies have come up with various clip in instant hairstyles to give you the illusion of that perfect updo. With the popularity of top knots refusing to wane, a clip in bun is a good place to start. HotHair’s Swirled Bun is a popular choice, thanks to its incredibly reasonable price and vast array of colour options. Prep your own hair by pulling into a ponytail as best you can. If you have short hair, you might need to use grips to secure any loose tresses. Once your hair is pulled back, you can just put the Swirled Bun over the top and clip into place – voila!

Bang bang

One of the most daunting style updates a woman can face is opting to have some bangs cut in. It takes a certain kind of face shape to pull this look off and once you take the plunge, it often takes a long time to grow out and reverse. But now you can test out the look and see if you like it before going for the chop. Hershesons have a clip in fringe as part of their range, so why not give it a try? Simple divide your hair into a centre parting, sweep your locks behind your ears and clip the front clips just below your hairline for an instant fringe.

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