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Magnesium magic

Magnesium magic

Magnesium's health properties have been praised over the years, with it helping everything from headaches to osteoporosis. But do you know the impact it has on keeping your skin and hair looking great? If not, you may want to read on and find out other reasons why magnesium is an important mineral to include in your diet.


Rashes and skin irritation can be common if you suffer from allergies, and magnesium is known to cleanse and detoxify the affected areas in such cases as it combats histamines, known to create itchy skin and red blotches.

It also treats eczema, which is often a sign that your body is lacking magnesium. More histamines are produced when there isn't enough of the mineral, and there are lower levels of fatty acid in the skin with this deficiency too. Therefore, the epidermis can become flaky, dry and sensitive. Likewise, pimples and acne will benefit from magnesium as well. We can't forget the anti-ageing properties either - magnesium is essential for the enzymes that help replicate and repair DNA and without it, wrinkles will be rife due to the free radical damage.


Hair loss could be a result of your body needing more magnesium as well, as without enough your tresses may struggle to grow and get thicker. The mineral boosts the strength of hair follicles, resulting in more luscious locks.

Another worrying side effect of your body lacking magnesium is facial hair growth in women, therefore upping your intake is a sure way to help prevent this embarrassing problem.

How to get enough magnesium

Supplements are widely available in health food stories and chemists, but going down the traditional route of using your diet is just as effective. Dark leafy greens, nuts and seeds, fish and avocado all make the list, along with the likes of bananas and dark chocolate. With so much choice you're bound to have no problem incorporating these foods into your everyday eating habits.

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