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Luxury lace face masks

Luxury lace face masks

Sheet face masks may look pretty scary, but everyone from skin experts to celebrities are hailing them as the latest beauty must-have. The concept was first developed in South Korea, where they form part of an impressive 11-step skincare routine.

Sheet masks have been touted as the quickest and easiest way to soften, firm and brighten skin without visiting a spa. And while you may look a little odd waltzing around your home wearing the mask (selfie time, anyone?) they are believed to be more effective than traditional wash off masks, as they allow skin to absorb active ingredients more efficiently and lock in moisture. Everyone from Lady Gaga and Lena Dunham to Karolina Kurkova and Chrissy Teigen has declared their love for the weird trend, so if it’s good enough for an A-lister, it might be worth a try at home!

Now the products have become a global hit beauty companies are desperately trying to outdo each other by sourcing increasingly luxurious ingredients. Take Givenchy for example, which unleashed a ‘new and improved’ mask promising a quick complexion boost. Not content with infusing the Le Soin Noir Masque Dentelle with black algae sap concentrate and oat extract to moisturise and brighten, the haute couture mask features a fine weave of French lace to help the structure hug your face shape. Promising to lift tension and help to re-sculpt your complexion, the only major drawback is the price, as it retails at over €300 for four.

Anyone who fancies adding a fruity element to their skincare regime could try Dermovia’s Lace Your Face Mask. Touted as ‘Shapewear for your face’ this offering uses LaceTex technology embedded with vitamin C, lemon essential oil, green leaf tea extracts, chamomile and apple. It costs considerably less than a 60-minute facial and best of all, the white lace mask is reusable.

SK-II is also getting involved in the sheet mask frenzy by pumping an array of organic acids into its version. Containing a fusion of amino acids, minerals, vitamins and organic acids, the Facial Treatment Mask promises to comfort and revitalise skin. While Givenchy plumped for fancy lace, SK-II has kept things simple with a 100 per cent cotton mask. Sounds like a warm hug for our complexions - just what we need on a cold winter's day!

If you want to try something straight from the sheet face mask motherland, there’s the Cotton Shower Sheet Essence Mask from Mizon. Hailing from South Korea, this is one of the most affordable versions on the market and is enriched with shea butter which will leave skin feeling plumped and pretty.

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