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Lived in make-up is cool again

Lived in make-up is cool again

Everyone from Kate Moss to the Olsen twins has rocked smudged make-up, and made it look effortlessly cool. And whether you like the dishevelled look or not, Terry Barber, the director of make-up artistry at MAC, has news: it's back. It's not all '90s heroin chic though, as the return of smudged eyeliner has a modern twist.

"A lot of beauty at the moment is having skin come through the make-up; a little a flash of flesh is always very sexy," Terry winked at Cover Media. "Especially when it's unexpected. It's the idea of things being rubbed and being rubbed in, made to look lived in and last night's - two of the most popular phrases among stylists for eyeliner on the Autumn/Winter 15 catwalks. Not grunge, not ugly, but looking relaxed. Attitude to make-up is the same as clothes this season."

In New York, Altuzarra channelled a new take on the smoky eye, while in London, Marques'Almeida really revved up smudged eyes. The classic smoky eye is a winter favourite, seen at countless Christmas parties and New Year's Eve bashes. It makes a return for 2015, but this time things are getting a little messy. Gone are the days of pristine peepers; Terry says A/W 15 is all about edge.

"It's the return of the dark eye," he outlined. "A dark smoky eye definitely came back for A/W but back with a difference. Now a woman can wear it and she feels cooler. Slightly take it apart - a very worn-in feel. A woman prefers a dark eye when she's had it on for a few hours. It gets a bit of natural oil coming through it. Imitating that moment when she's been wearing it for a while and she likes it.

"A lack of maintenance creates a lot more beauty. That's the modern eye; if too fresh, too laboured, then it's not beautiful."

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