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Lip smacking oils

Lip smacking oils

We already know about oils for our hair, face and body – but the latest beauty craze sees our lips getting liquid TLC.

Everyone is talking about lip oils, the multi-tasking wonders which give you colour, shine and hydration. We’ve spoken to cosmetology dermatologist and anti-ageing expert John Hamilton to find out why lip oils are better than balms, glosses and even – dare we say it – lipsticks.

"Base oils such as avocado oil and grape seed oil are rich in vitamins and omegas. If you are applying this in liquid form, it penetrates to the new cells rather than the likes of balms based on beeswax, shea butter and petro-chemicals, which just sit on the skin's surface,” John told Cover Media. “Taking this a step further, with vital oils, you are also creating a protective barrier against abrasive weather, damaging UVA light as well as lipsticks (many of which are full of lead), while hydrating the cells at a deeper level. For those products that do not penetrate to the deeper layers of the dermis, you can become dependent on them as they actually become counter-productive, drying rather than hydrating lips."

Why has it taken the industry so long to release an oil for the lips – the one place that doesn’t have oil glands and needs all the hydration it can get? While oils can be easily captured for hair and skincare products, it’s more difficult to stabilise the ingredient alongside make-up needing colour pigment – like lipgloss. This is because oil particles repel colour particles, meaning the colour might run or be diluted.

However, cosmetic companies have seemingly cracked this conundrum with lip oils from Yves Saint Laurent, L'Oréal Paris and Clarins hitting shelves this year. The key to success seems to be capturing colour pigment within the oil particles – allowing the hue to remain true even when the oil has dispersed.

“Lip oils are fast becoming the leaders in lip wear,” Lara Champion at Ken Picton Salon, Cardiff, told Cover Media. “Having all the great qualities of a lipstick such as creaminess and colour it also has the texture and shine of a lip gloss therefore ticks all the boxes in terms of moisture, shine and intense colour payoff.

“Long wear is also an integral part of a lip oil’s key attributes, it has the ability to almost adhere to the lips and stain for long lasting coverage.”

Some lip oils are even promising to minimise the appearance of fine lines around the mouth.

Many versions won’t offer enough hydration for parched lips in plunging temperatures, so you’ll still need to stick to your trusty rich balm for those conditions. However, with spring fast approaching they are the perfect treat to prettify pouts.

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