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Leslie Blodgett: 'bareMinerals was built by women'

Leslie Blodgett: 'bareMinerals was built by women'

bareMinerals creator Leslie Blodgett’s make-up brand has been built on the input of women.

Prior to Leslie coming on board in 1994, the brand was known as Bare Escentuals. However, in the last 22 years Leslie has turned the company around, making it both a household name and celebrity favourite.

Talking about when she first started the business, Leslie reveals she sought the opinions of other ladies. Without the help of social media, which hadn't yet been created, the cosmetics queen was still able to get the information she was looking for.

"In the 90s when I was just starting this company I reached out online, before there was Facebook or social media, and I was talking to women who were just like me," she told Cover Media as part of the Be Real campaign. "So I found out that, sure we love beauty products and that we want to improve and emphasise our features but it's really just getting to know people. And the more people I know that have the same issues as I do, it's empathy. And the community, our brand, was built around getting other women's feedback and input. And I think it's just constantly being connected to other people, and sharing and getting to know them. It's not superficial. That's what it is."

As well as being concerned with beauty, Leslie is also a big advocate for how much a healthy lifestyle can change how you feel about yourself. Looking your best starts with feeling your best, and Leslie makes sure she follows a balanced diet. Exercise also plays a key role in the beauty maven's life. "Everything that I have done comes from inside of me and talking to other women," she smiled. "And I think we made that leap, by feeling strong inside. For me it's physical fitness and eating well. I need to begin with feeling physically in shape and healthy, and then I can take on the world."

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