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Last minute party prep

Last minute party prep

You might be excited for the festive season, but even the most seasoned Christmas party connoisseur can come unstuck when it comes to prep. After all, everyone knows the best thing about winter is letting grooming standards slip a little - why bother with thrice weekly shaves when you're not going to get your legs out for a few months? Then Christmas rolls around and it's a mad dash to get yourself looking presentable again. This might be a slight exaggeration, but the point is you'll have enough on in December without having to spend hours honing your look. Try these tips to make last minute party prep a speedy process.


Pretty pedicures and smooth feet might be your go-to for summer, but if you've spent the last few months ensconced in thick socks and boots your feet probably aren't looking their best. This will cause problems if you want to wear some party shoes, so try something like the Ped Egg Power from JML. It's better than a conventional file because it's battery powered, so cuts through dead skin quickly. There also two roller options for it, so you don't need to worry about it being too harsh.


While most of us are careful to protect our faces from the wind and cold, the skin on our bodies doesn't always get the same attention.

If you haven’t stuck to a consistent exfoliation and moisturising routine (and who can really be bothered?), a quick way to pep yours up is to slather on some shimmering lotion. The glitter will immediately make your skin look healthier and less pale, while the moisture will get rid of flakes.


Even the most dedicated skincare regime can come unstuck when the weather is bitterly cold, or when one too many mulled wines has been consumed over the festive period. If your face is looking a little dull or you're feeling tired, try a sheet mask. These pep up skin brilliantly by pushing the product deep down, helping to temporarily plump up any fine lines and alleviate dullness. Sarah Chapman Skinesis 3D Moisture Infusion Mask is our pick - it leaves skin with a visible glow even if you've been burning the candle at both ends.

Spray nails

No time to mess around with several coats of your favourite polish? Let Nails inc. help you out with its new Paint Can Spray on Nail Polish. It's not quite as quick as it first seems as you do have to apply a base coat first so the spray has something to adhere to – but then you just spray on. You'll have polish all over your fingers but after washing off the excess your manicure will be perfect.

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