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Kissable lips

Kissable lips

Nothing beats the feeling of a good kiss, not to mention the way your lipstick fades slightly in the middle afterwards. But you don't have to have a smacker to get that look as it's pretty easy to re-create the just-kissed finish without another pair of lips.

This look works better with bright colours as nude shades don't give the full impact.

To begin with you want to make sure your lips are fully hydrated so you don't get any cracks appearing. A good lip balm will do, or some baby butter if you really want to nourish.

Once the moisture sinks in, whip out a primer as a base. But why a primer when you want to make it look as though your lipstick has some off slightly, you may ask? A big role of primer is to prevent your puckers from staining and using a deep colour for this look would definitely leave patches once your lipstick is removed without that extra layer.

So apply your primer, whether it be a balm, stick or cream, and we'll get onto the best bit.

When it comes to the lipstick, two similar shades are needed here; just make sure one is slightly lighter than the other.

Use a lip liner as close to the darker shade to outline your lips, getting the cupid's bow perfect and making sure your lipstick doesn't run onto your cheeks or chin.

Then take the lighter colour and a good lip brush and apply to the middle of your lips, where the top meets the bottom. Pretend you're colouring in a mini pair of lips within your own and try to think of which area gets the most contact during a kiss. This is the area which you want to look faded, hence the lighter colour lipstick. Blot neatly with the brush until you get the right finish.

The dark lipstick is for the rest of your lips; clean your brush and get stuck in, but leave a small outline around the lighter shade as this is where you'll want to blend. Rather than looking like you've stuck on two lipsticks, you want the light area to look as though it's the dark shade which has faded.

So get a small blending brush, or a fluffy lip brush, and gently blend the two shades together.

Pucker up and kiss a tissue to ensure no lisptick ends up on your teeth, and you're done!

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