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Keep your brushes beautiful

Keep your brushes beautiful

There's no getting around it: cleaning your make-up brushes is important. Not only are they full of product-based gunk, they also gather dirt, bacteria, oil and dead skin. Leave it too long, and dirty brushes can even cause major skin breakouts.

If that doesn't have you running for the cleanser, we don't know what will! But before you go and get your hands soapy, take a look at the gentlest way to make your brushes look brand new.

Those who do bother to clean often use their regular shampoo or hand soap. But with many products containing ingredients you can't even pronounce, is it really wise to let that near your face?

Instead you could reach for the biggest miracle of any beauty queen's life: coconut oil. We cook with it, we moisturise with it and now it can clean our make-up brushes too! We love Vita Coco Coconut Oil, which is extra virgin (so contains no nasty chemicals), organic, 100 per cent raw and cold pressed, meaning it's totally, completely natural. Oh, and an added bonus is that it smells gorgeous.

Another way to clean brushes is using a natural disinfectant spray like NatraSan. You may have heard of it as a way to clean up cuts and bruises, but it also deserves a place in your make-up bag, as it kills 99.9999 per cent of germs on brushes. There's even a compact, Travel Buddy version that you will fit in even the smallest of vanity cases.

“NatraSan is an incredibly useful and effective natural first aid spray that has a multitude of uses. Disinfecting make-up brushes is really important and it’s so easy to do with NatraSan. Simply use a couple of sprays on the brush, swirl it in your hand and leave to dry for about an hour. It’s that quick and can be done at the end of your make-up routine every morning," Fay Watt, managing director of NatraSan, explained.

Another beauty queen favourite is Dr Bronner's Magic Soap. It's an amazing multitasker that can be used to wash anything from the kitchen sink to your face (really!). So it stands to reason it's also the perfect brush cleaner. Dr Bronner's will keep your brushes soft, clean and hygienic and should be used on your beauty tools about once a week. It contains no synthetic foaming agents, thickeners, dyes, preservatives, fragrances or whiteners - but it does smell gorgeous! Choose from flavours including rose, peppermint, lavender and almond.

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