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It’s time to lighten up brunettes!

It’s time to lighten up brunettes!

If blondes have more fun and redheads are known for their fiery nature, then where does that leave the brunette women of the world? Whether you have chestnut hair like Angelina Jolie or a darker mane like Jessica Biel’s current do, Clairol Colour Expert Jonathan Long thinks springtime is the perfect opportunity to add some lighter notes to your locks.

“I’m not suggesting a drastic colour change, but a lightening of colour that reflects the vibrancy of the new season,” he told Cover Media. “As we have more sunny days our skin tone warms up and therefore your hair colour needs to adjust to complement it. Going one or two shades lighter softens the darker tones we have often used during the winter. It’s all about having a natural look, as if your hair has been kissed by the spring sunshine.”

Jonathan has come up with his top tips for adding lighter tones to brunette hair, starting with not going too extreme with new shades.

“Look at the colour shade range and go no more than three shades lighter than your existing colour,” he advised.

The second tip is what shade suits what skin colouring: “If you have a cool skin tone choose an ash, chocolate or cool shade; if you have a warm skin tone choose a caramel or golden shade.” He also says it’s vitally important to remember your make-up when changing hair colour. If you’re switching things up with your hair, alter your cosmetics accordingly! “Review your make-up. If you are going lighter and softer in shade then your make-up should reflect this. Rather than dark berries think about a pinky nude and a raspberry shade,” he shared. “Clothing shades are important too. Whites and creams are a good contrast for brunettes. In winter bold colours are great against darker shades. As you take your hair lighter consider sorbet colours to complement a lighter tone on your hair.”

Lastly he implores spring brunettes to let their hair shine by using a colour conditioner. Colour Seal Conditioner by Nice’n Easy and Aveda’s Clove Color Conditioner are both great choices.

“Don’t forget to maintain your colour and cover root re-growth in between colourings with Nice’n Easy Root Touch-Up,” he added.

Or for touch-ups on the go, Charles Worthington recently brought out the genius Instant Root Concealer Powder. The handy brush banishes roots in seconds!

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