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Invisalign at two months

Invisalign at two months

It’s been two months, and my course of Invisalign is going well. This isn’t an overnight miracle worker, and your teeth won’t be magically straightened in a few weeks. Invisalign is an intensive course of treatment and relies on you wearing your braces for 22 hours a day. That’s every day of every month your treatment lasts for. Yes it’s pretty long!

Red wine drinkers (like myself) will find that having an evening tipple takes up precious Invisalign downtime, and really eats into the hours you can be free of your braces. Similarly snackers may find themselves eating less as it can be a hassle getting them in and out every time you fancy something. But forgoing that afternoon biscuit is probably not a bad thing.

Other than the straight teeth at the end, another perk of Invisalign and straight teeth on the whole is a whiter smile.

Dr. Favero, of London’s Favero Dental Clinic ( explains to Cover Media: “With straight teeth you can clean 60 per cent of surface. The other 40 percent gets cleaned with floss and that’s why dentist push the need for floss.

“When you have crocked teeth, you're not able to reach the 60 per cent, because the surface of teeth is covered with other teeth.

“So with Invisalign teeth are straighter and whiter.”

As the treatment goes on, the uncomfortable feeling after changing braces (which is every two weeks) diminishes. However my teeth can sometime ache when I take the trays out.

Some downsides to having the braces in include not being able to use your teeth for anything; no nail biting, Sellotape tearing and it’s just generally hard to grip anything in the mouth, like when folding a towel etc. I’m also a bit heavy handed with them, and by the time it comes to changing the braces I’ve managed to nearly split the old tray in two by being too rough with putting them in and out.

These are really minor problems though, and over all I’m really pleased with the treatment so far. And not having train tracks across my teeth at nearly the age of 30 far outweighs any cons!

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