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Invisalign at one month

Invisalign at one month

I’ve now had my Invisalign braces for a little over a month, and while not much has changed teeth-wise (I’m only on tray two of 17), quite a lot has changed in terms of getting used to the plastic trays.

Until recently I was talking with a lisp, which was actually making me embarrassed to have conversations within anyone apart from close friends and family. Work meetings were a particular pain, and I was conscious of how I sounded. However this has all but disappeared, which I assume is just my mouth getting used to the new tenants in there.

After my first tray, I went back to Favero Dental Clinic (, to have Invisalign attachments (or buttons) put on certain teeth by orthodontist Dr. Elettra Aguglia. These are like little handles that allow the aligners to grip on to the more challenging teeth. Having them stuck on was no problem, but I also had to have a few teeth filed, to effectively make them thinner and therefore giving my mouth more room to allow a tooth to be straightened. This was more of a problem… and was extremely uncomfortable. The sound of teeth being filed alone made me shudder, let alone the actually feeling of it! But it was over quickly enough, thankfully.

After the attachments were in place, it did make it tougher to get the braces on and off (especially off), as they fitted much more snug. After a few weeks of practice this has subsided though and it’s easy to get them in and out.

Every two weeks from now until the end of treatment the braces need to be changed to the next set up, which I have been warned will cause some discomfort and tightness for the first day/night following the change. Hopefully the image of a Hollywood smile and some painkillers will get me through!

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