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Introducing your new hair colour trend

Introducing your new hair colour trend

If Cara Delevingne does something, you can pretty much guarantee countless copycats hitting Instagram and the sidewalk mere hours later. So when she dyed her hair all shades of pastel rainbow for an Allure shoot last year, you could almost hear the desperate voices of fashionistas everywhere trying to book a last minute appointment at the salon.

Dubbed The Brony, the trend for colourful locks reminiscent of a My Little Pony mane continues to go strong. Georgia May Jagger is the latest celeb to join the fun, unveiling hair streaked with light blue, pink, purple and green in August.

If you didn't already know, Bronies are adult fans of My Little Pony. And what better way to express your love than with skittle-coloured streaks?

This look works best on girls with blonde or very light brown hair, as the pale shades just wouldn't show up on darker locks. If you're desperate for the 'do, head to your hairdresser and discuss the best option for lightening - maybe pastel tips like the ones Gigi Hadid was sporting are the answer?

If you're a bold blonde brave enough to tackle the look at home, we recommend Crazy Colour, a semi-permanent dye that comes in 13 rainbow hues, available at Their Marshmallow and Bubblegum Blue shades are just perfect for DIY Bronies.

There's also the Maria Nila Colour Refresh range, excusive to Sally Express. Paraben free and suitable for vegans, there are 11 gorgeous shades on offer. Vivid Violet, Azure and Pink Pop will colour the hair without causing damage - perfect!

For after-care that will keep your locks vibrant for as long as possible, try The Jojoba Company's 100% Australian Jojoba, available at It tackles split ends and transforms dull and brittle hair into locks that are strong, glossy and soft.

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