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Inside the 5:2 skin diet

Inside the 5:2 skin diet

The 5:2 diet was hailed as one of the new wonder eating plans when it came to prominence in 2013. And many still follow the easy weight loss regime; where you eat normally for five days and then restrict your calorie intake to 500 for the remaining two days.

Beauty fans have evolved the eating plan for their make-up routine, coming up with the 5:2 skin diet. This involves abstaining from make-up two days a week and wearing your normal cosmetics the other five. Why would you want to go two days without your war paint you may ask? Well some skincare experts believe it can promote skin-cell turnover and regeneration. This results is a glowing, youthful complexion.

Dr Esho, founder of Le Beau Ideal aesthetics clinic, is championing the idea and recently told MailOnline that going make-up free can prompt skin to make new cells, which in turn means better looking skin.

Other dermatologists have also backed the idea, citing the fact that even when we clean our faces thoroughly, traces of make-up can be left behind. This results in build up, which clogs pores and cause breakouts. Having a few days off means you'll wash your face more effectively.

However not all skin specialists are united on this view, with some of the mindset that leaving your skin to breath overnight is enough to keep it healthy.

Others point out that it takes weeks for skin cell turnover, so simply taking a day off make-up will make no difference.

Whether you decide to follow the 5:2 skin diet or not, the key to good skincare is to make sure your face is completely cleansed every night. This means taking off make-up (with remover rather than a wipe which don't work as effectively) and then cleansing. Electronic cleansing brushes make light work of the job, and also give your face a much deeper clean.

And remember sunscreen and moisturiser aren't classed as make-up but are mandatory for great skincare, so make sure these are applied every day.

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