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Indulge in red wine, beauty style

Indulge in red wine, beauty style

Earlier this month (Nov16) it was revealed there’s a spa in Japan that allows guests to swim in red wine – yes, the alcoholic red stuff that you normally drink with dinner! It’s thought this came about to reap the anti-ageing benefits the booze has on your skin thanks to its levels of resveratrol, an antioxidant that boosts sirtuins - proteins that give cells a longer life.

While we don’t suggest you fill your bath tub with wine, you can pour yourself a glass on a Friday night and enjoy these resveratrol-based beauty products.

Brand Caudalie has a wide range of choices boasting the ingredient, you’re spoilt for options! There’s its Resveratrol Lift Firming Serum to help define your facial features and plump your cheeks, while the Resveratrol Lift Face Lifting Soft Cream is the perfect way to help banish wrinkles and fine lines.

Or if you fancy something closer resembling the alcoholic drink, why not try the Red Wine Resveratrol Scrub + Mask which not only boasts the antioxidant but plenty of vitamins and nutrients too. There’s the Luminous Primer too, a silicone free product that makes the perfect base for make-up thanks to its glowing finish.

Why stop at red wine-inspired skincare when you can take your love for the drink even further with make-up infused with resveratrol? Bite Beauty’s High Pigment Pencil comes in an array of colours which give you a gorgeous pout, and has anti-ageing qualities. Just one little pencil has the same amount of the antioxidant found in FIVE glasses of red wine – impressive! There are other ways to digest resveratrol without gulping down a glass of wine too; Fountain’s The Beauty Molecule uses a water soluble type of the antioxidant which enables easy absorption, recommending a spoonful a day at 5ml (1tsp). However there are lots of hazards and cautions that come with it, including not being suitable for pregnant women or those breastfeeding, not being mixed with dairy products and being kept out of direct sunlight and heat. Read the packet carefully before purchasing and using.

Lastly, you can tuck into red grapes as they are to get the benefits, along with peanut butter, blueberries and dark chocolate – yum!

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