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Humidity-busting make-up

Humidity-busting make-up

When humidity strikes it's hard to feel attractive as your body starts to heat up. But if you apply your make-up with these tips, you'll have nothing to worry about!

Cosmetics should be kept minimal and you need to be smart about the ones you choose to wear.

A primer is designed to keep everything you apply in place and choosing one which is anti-shine will help give you a matte base. Ones for oily skin are also useful in humid weather as even if you don't suffer from a greasy complexion, heat causes havoc on your skin. To get the most out of the primer, splash your face with cold water and let it air dry before application. When your face is warm, the skin absorbs everything quicker and you won't be left with a great coverage.

Oil-free foundation will also prove handy in a hot environment as the last thing you want is more moisture on your face. Powder is also best to avoid as it will only clump together and give an unflattering finish; opt for creamier consistencies as it will blend in easier.

Likewise, a simple CC (colour correcting) cream will even out complexion and give a natural, barely-there finish.

If you do want to use a spot of powder, make it a light brush of bronzer or blush rather than all over.

Waterproof is key for eye make-up, mascara being the main culprit. You don't want to look like a panda when walking in the warmth and any eye shadow is bound to smudge, so keep it light.

This goes for tone wise too as if it's humid and bright, dark colours will look all the more bold in the sunlight. Pastels and pale shades make a more relaxed look and won't be as noticeable if not neat. 

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