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How your hair has a mind of its own

How your hair has a mind of its own

Noticed you hair has changed drastically over the last few years? There are many factors which can contribute to it, and here we'll take you through the most common.

Pregnancy sees high levels of oestrogen, which can lead to thicker, shinier locks. It can also change the texture, so someone with naturally curly hair may suddenly appear to have a straighter finish. But after giving birth, don't be alarmed if your hair falls out - it's just the excess strands saying their goodbyes. Things will get back to normal soon enough, just be patient and don't worry!

For those of you ladies who aren't pregnant, stress could be a factor that's altering your hair. Anything from work stress to a breakup can drastically change your tresses and see a rapid loss, known as telogen effluvium. But you should be aware that shedding can occur months after the stress itself, as the strands go straight into a resting phase before falling out. Again though, it isn't permanent and once you've overcome whatever obstacle was getting to you, growth should get back to normal. If you need some help along the way, stock up on the C, B and E vitamins to promote healthy hair growth.

Vitamin D should be upped if you suffer from anaemia, which will boost iron levels and help your hair get thicker and fuller.

You may want to think twice about getting a makeover to help you feel better after this difficult period too, as chemical treatments are known to damage your hair. So before you opt to bleach tresses, you should know that it weakens your hair bonds and leads to breakage. On top of this, the dye oxidises the colour of your hair each time which could lead to your natural shade looking a bit murky. Research the options out there and see if you can lighten your hair through other means.

Likewise, straightening treatments like keratin or Brazilian blowdry will do harm, so stick to shampoos and at-home products to help get a straight finish. Give your hair a liberal coverage of heat protecting before whacking out the straighteners too - such intense temperatures will sizzle and destroy your ends.

Remember, age takes its toll as well, which you'll see with grey/white strands rearing their heads.

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