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How weather impacts skin

How weather impacts skin

Changeable weather puts more than just a dampener on your weekend plans - it can also wreak havoc with your skin. When it's cold one minute and boiling the next, we reveal how you can keep your complexion in the clear.

Weather that is always on the switch can be a real problem for people with existing skin conditions explains Dr Alexis Granite, Dermatologist at Cadogan Cosmetics.

"Constantly changeable weather doesn't affect everyone's skin in the same way, but for some people can cause a flare up of pre-existing skin conditions such as acne or eczema," she explained to Cover Media.

So if you find your skin itching and drying out more than usual or spot a new rash, it's important you visit your GP with your concerns.

Dr Granite also had some useful tips for protecting your skin in extreme weather conditions. When it's super hot and you find yourself sweating, it could bring on more breakouts, while cold weather promotes dryness and chapping.

"The best way to protect yourself against extreme temperatures is to continue a daily skin regimen of mild cleansing and moisturiser," Dr Granite advises.

"You can tailor your moisturiser to the ambient weather conditions, in cold weather use a heavier product which can act as both an emollient and a protecting balm. In warmer weather a light, oil free lotion may be enough to keep skin hydrated. Regardless of the season, exposure to sunlight can also dry the skin and is a major cause of fine lines and wrinkles so use a broad spectrum sunscreen throughout the year to keep skin protected."

Just as you probably layer your clothes to cope with changeable weather, International Make-up Artist & Founder of WOW Beauty, Denise Rabor, suggest trying the same with your skincare.

"Modern products are made for layering, so you can use an effective moisturising or brightening serum under your day cream, to help provide continual hydration," she advised.

Another part of your body that can become susceptible to skin issues is your lips. Both in cold and hot weather, Tim Verhaeghe, skin expert at Herpatch, recommends taking extra care.

"Just like any part of the body, lips need to be protected from the sun too. We smother ourselves in sun cream to protect ourselves from the harmful UV light, but we often forget one very obvious and noticeable part of our body, our lips," he said.

When it's cold, arm yourself with a moisturising lipbalm that will prevent painful cracked lips.

If you want to protect yourself from the inside out, start taking supplements. Altrient C is the world’s first liposomal Vitamin C gel and tastes great in a juice. Not only does it improve skin's firmness, it's also been proven to help in the face of severe weather conditions.

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