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How to: The foundation edition

How to: The foundation edition

An ongoing series on how to do everything from pop a spot to how to achieve the perfect feline flick. From the gross to the glamorous, follow our simple beauty guide.

Find the perfect foundation

There was once a time when we believed that to find our perfect base colour we needed to swipe a sample across the back of our hands, then walk out the shop to test it in natural light. While the store step-out is sound advice, keep your hands to yourself when it comes to foundation buying.

1. Select the three shades you think are closest to your skin tone

2. Paint each colour across your jaw line

3. Head outside with a mirror to check out which is best

4. The colour you least notice is your perfect match.

Pick your perfect foundation applicator

There are many different tools to apply foundation, each suited to a different form of the make-up and the intended look.

1. Liquid foundation should be put on with a duo-fibre brush

2. Powder varieties look best when they've been applied with a natural bristle brush

3. For a natural finish, opt for a sponge

4. Fingers work best with tinted moisturisers and BB creams.

Apply foundation like a pro

Now you have your perfect shade and applicator, it's time to put your foundation on like a make-up artist.

1. Make sure skin is moisturised and SPF protected. Wait at least five minutes to let it properly absorb

2. Use a primer if you need your base to last well into the night or like the effect it gives

3. Streak and blend the foundation on; swipe it on, then buff in circular motions.

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