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How to: Strobing

How to: Strobing

Strobing is the newest trend sweeping the world of make-up, and it's about to kick contouring to the curb. Unlike contouring, which works to change the shape of your face, strobing is only there to highlight it. Literally. Using liquid or cream illuminator on the parts of the face the light catches (cheekbones, brow bones and bridge of the nose, and on your cupid's bow and corners of the eye works well too) gently dab on highlighter. This can be done before or after your foundation, depending on how luminous you want to go. And that's pretty much it! Just remember not to overload the face with powder, as this look is all about dewy, fresh skin.

"I think strobing, for want of a trend word, is a good thing because it's empowering. It makes you focus on the positives," David Horne, of House of GlamDolls make-up school, told Cover Media.

"I think its development is a good thing. Contouring is indicating you've got to chisel off the fat face, so it's already a negative context. Whereas strobing is much more enlightening, a much more feminine intuitive [thing] and self expressive. I think it will have a lot of legs and will last a long time. So there will be brush strobing, coloured strobing, and it will keep evolving."

Like with any look, a good base is key. MAC has been on this strobing hype for years, and using its Strobe Cream will prep your skin perfectly. It's full of iridescent particles that help enhance light on the face. Use over primer and around the areas you want to highlight.

Then pick your favourite highlighter and get strobing. We like Christopher Kane for NARS Illuminating Multiple and Benefit's High Beam.

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