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How to rescue bad brows

How to rescue bad brows

You probably know the kind of make-up which is instantly ageing; thick foundation, too much powder and pearlescent lipstick scream women of a certain age. But what if you've gone for a luminous base, kept your eyeshadow neutral and your lipstick matte but things still aren't working? It's possible there's another reason why you don't look modern - your brows.

"I think people, when they approach their brows over the years, and this is where the company really started and our whole philosophy and roots are based, is on a fuller, thicker, healthier brow," Billion Dollar Brows boss Natalie Plain told Cover Media. "So it's well groomed and has a pop of colour. We started the company with that belief 10 years ago in the States, because I was seeing a bad trend happening - over tweezing, over plucking, over waxing, over everything. At that time the celebrities were sporting that look and it's just harsh, it makes you look old.

"Have beautiful eyebrows that work for you, based on your facial symmetry - that will take years off your looks by not over tweezing or over plucking them. That's where you age. You're born with these beautiful thick brows as a child and then over time, for whatever reason, the need to remove hair - specifically in your eyebrows - has become this cultural thing that we have to do as we come of age. It's just, like, stop the madness, you know? We're trying to restore the brow."

Just because she's an expert in brows, it doesn't mean Natalie is immune to a stray hair. Looking at photos of herself with brows she isn't a fan of these days encouraged her to help others find a style which works for them - which sometimes means using some products.

"We did start the company based on that philosophy," she replied, when asked if there's a way back if you've done too much to your brows. "I saw myself using too much (of the) tweezers, too much everything, and I look back at photos of myself as a young girl who had her eyebrows done professionally for the first time and knew the difference of knowing symmetry and how much to clean up. We invented a product called Brow Boost, it was our first product, it's a conditioning treatment and it's coming out with primer now, you'd apply it day or night to help the follicle hairs that you have on your eyebrows become healthy, shiny, more vibrant. For a lot of women who over tweeze and they've taken off hairs, they're frustrated because they don't think they have a lot of hair it's just weakened from years of over-tweezing and waxing. This product keeps that hair more healthy, thick and strong."

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