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How to reduce your beauty carbon footprint

How to reduce your beauty carbon footprint

Beauty companies are now prioritising creating waste-free, reusable packaging for their products.

While no one is perfect when it comes recycling, if everyone does a little bit to help, it can really make a positive difference to the environment. Here are our top tips for maintaining an eco-friendly bathroom cabinet.

Look for recyclable packaging

The first tip is to look for packaging made from 100 per cent recyclable plastic or glass, which is infinitely recyclable. Make sure you clean out a bottle before discarding and avoid tossing packaging which is three quarters full of product, as it may not be recycled properly.

Also seek out brands which offer discounts or freebies for bringing back empties. For instance, LUSH gives you a free face mask when you bring back five black pots or tubes, while MAC offers a free lipstick in exchange for the return of six primary packaging containers through the Back to MAC Program.

Choose flip caps over pumps

Flip caps tend to be made from recycled plastic whereas pumps consist of several different components including metal parts which need to be taken apart before they are recycled.

Buy big containers

When it comes to your weekly shop, make an effort to purchase larger containers as it will mean you’re throwing away less packaging than a bunch of smaller ones. You get half the amount of packaging if you buy a 500ml bottle of conditioner over a 200ml container – and it’s often cheaper! Alternatively, refillable packages work wonders on minimising waste, and they also tend to be a more purse-friendly option too.

Look for reusable tools

One-use make-up tools are not only expensive but they’re also not typically recyclable. Instead, invest in high quality brushes which can be washed and reused time and time again. Make it a priority to swap out disposable make-up remover wipes, which tend to go straight into the trash, for alternatives, such as soft muslin flannels or reusable cotton wool pads.

Buy local

Consider the air miles that have gone into transporting your product and look into locally-sourced make-up or beauty solutions. Farmers’ markets are great places to look for products such as natural face masks and soaps.

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