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How to pull off dark lipstick

How to pull off dark lipstick

One of the more frustrating things about going all out for Halloween is purchasing multiple items of clothing and excessive make-up that you either never wear again or only wear for future costume parties. But, if you happened to incorporate a black or dark coloured lipstick in your spooky get-up this time around, you’re in luck.

There’s no better time to wear those darker shades than autumn. It’s a time to transition from the fun and bright summer looks to the richer feel of winter, and dark lipsticks will help you achieve that look. Finding the right shade for your complexion is everything, so here are a few tips to help you keep that Halloween look for a few months more, without actually looking like you never took off your costume.

Find the hue for you

While the dark lip look works on any complexion, it’s still best to find what will be the most complimentary for your skin tone. For fair to medium skin, find shades with a purple base, like a merlot or cabernet that will give you a vintage look. For olive skin, a brownish red base or deep burgundy will work well. And if you have dark skin, the deep burgundy mixed with black or brown will give you the pop of colour for a dramatic look.

As a general 'One Size Fits Most' rule, dark berry shades are the most versatile and will work on pretty much any skin tone. In addition, berry hues can work for both a daytime and evening look, so you don’t have to commit to one all day.

Also, if you’re a bit apprehensive about purchasing a lipstick you’re not even sure you’ll like after one wear, go for a gloss or lip stain. This way, you can still try out the dark look without going full force on it.

Prep and Apply

Do not apply lipstick onto dry, chapped lips. This goes for any lipstick but especially with dark shades since the colour will crack and flake off, and it's the exact opposite of what you’re going for.

Use a nude lip pencil liner first to keep the lipstick from feathering, which is even more noticeable with dark shades. And to create the type of impact you want from the dark lip, it’s best to use a brush to apply. If you do it straight from the lipstick bullet, it won’t give you as much control over the application and intensity, which is key when dealing with bold colours.

Keep it Light

Finally, let your lips do the talking. If you’re going with a bold burgundy or black, you don’t want to overdo it with the rest of your make-up. Keep it simple with eyeliner, mascara, and a more natural

eyeshadow, and a little blush to round it out. Wearing dark lipstick is like wearing a statement necklace - a lot can go a long way, so don’t go crazy by accessorising the rest of your face.

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