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How to nail neon

How to nail neon

We're not going to lie: nailing a neon trend, whether it's in terms of fashion or beauty, can be tricky. But get it right, and you can really stand out from the crowd - in a good way! So here are some top tips on how to nail neon once and for all.

One of the easiest places to wear a bold shade on your face is your lips. Celebrities including Scarlett Johansson, Olivia Wilde and the queen of lipsticks, Rihanna, have all sported ultra-bright shades and it's a great way to make a statement. A supercharged neon pink lip is an easy go-to and looks even more striking if you have particularly pale skin. Make sure to line your lips first so the colour doesn't bleed and then apply with a lip brush to get it perfect. Team with a simple slick of black eyeliner and mascara for a look that can translate easily from day to night.

While you might not think it, there is a way to wear neon on your cheeks without looking like a clown or Punch and Judy puppet. While this is particularly true for darker skin tones, paler peeps can pull it off too. For the latter, go for a bold baby pink colour, as it can brighten your complexion. Darker skins can go for oranges and reds but whatever shade you choose, wear it over a tinted moisturiser for a near-transparent complexion.

Then of course, there are your eyes, which will really bring drama to the trend. There's no way to blend in when you have the brightest colours on your lids, but you can avoid looking like a five-year-old playing dress up with their mother's make-up. Stars like Nicki Minaj and Kesha have nailed it, so whether you go all out or rein it in a bit; it's up to you and the occasion.

You could try wearing yellow shades at the inner corners of your eye before sweeping out to more neutral tones. Or if you really want to nail neon, wear bold blues and greens, as they bring out any eye colour. If you already have blue eyes, be brave and try a bright orange - it will really make your eyes pop. Be sure to prep your eyelids with eyeshadow primer before you start applying the colour, as it will help hold it in place for longer and stop it slipping into the creases.

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