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How to make eye shadow last longer

How to make eye shadow last longer

When we buy a haul of make-up products we love, we want to show it off. But what’s the use if something stays on halfway through the day, only for it to start fading around lunch time? Many people think the solution to this is to just add more and more make-up to your face for it to stay on, but the trick is to use the right products in the right order to keep cosmetics in place.

One of the more reapplied make-up products is eyeshadow, which can often smudge and fade as your day goes on. Instinct tells you to just cake more eyeshadow on your lids, but that’s simply not the best way. With these solutions, you can proudly wear that favourite eye hue with no fuss all day long.

First, put a primer on your eyelids. This acts as a foundation, providing a barrier between your skin and the eyeshadow, and protects the make-up from being absorbed by the natural oils in your skin. This way, it will smooth your lids and the eyeshadow will stick without creasing the colour. If you don’t have primer, or it just doesn’t work, try a concealer that doesn’t feel too oily. In addition, the concealer will help the colour of your eyeshadow pop on your lids.

Next, use an eyeliner that is a similar shade to your eyeshadow. The texture of the liner creates a sort of grip for the eyeshadow to stick to, thus keeping it on longer.

And finally, for the eyeshadow itself, the trick is to mix both a cream and powder shadow. Use the cream first as a base, and then apply the powder on top of that to create the perfect blend of eyeshadow that will last much longer than any powder or cream can by itself.

Another trick is to apply the eyeshadow with a quality eyeshadow brush. Don’t use your fingertips, since the natural oils in your skin can lead to slippage. And instead of sweeping the eyeshadow onto your lid, lightly press the colour into place, since this action will lock the eyeshadow onto your lids.

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