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How to make extensions work on short hair

How to make extensions work on short hair

It's well known that celebrities use hair extensions to get that swishy, full look they rock on the red carpet, but what are you to do if you have short hair? After all, no one wants that tell-tale step of real/fake hair at the back which was so prolific in the early 2000s.

The key is to pick the right kind of weave, as they won't all work if you're growing out a crop.

"It is possible to wear hair extensions with short hair as long as it is at least four inches long," hair extensions expert Tatiana Karelina told Cover Media. "The type of hair extension you choose is the most important, as not all hair extensions will work well with short hair. Clip extensions for example won't work that well, as they will show and won't blend in with the shorter top layers of the natural hair well. The best hair extensions for short hair would be individual extensions, as they are small, tiny strands that could be evenly scattered around the head and blend well with shorter hair."

That's not to say there isn't a time and a place for clip-ins. This type of fake hair is perfect for anyone who's considering a change but doesn't want to take the plunge straight off the bat - extensions are a costly mistake if you don't like them, plus they can be time consuming to have removed. Ideally try these if you want to mix up your look for an evening out and already have long hair, but want a boost to its body.

"Clip in extensions are a great temporary solution to achieve wondrous length, thickness and volume and also determined to keep plenty of styling flexibility," Tatiana explained. "The clip-in extensions are directly clipped into the hair with slides or barrettes and can be styled just like natural hair for a special occasion or a night out."

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