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How to lengthen lashes without falsies

How to lengthen lashes without falsies

Who better to emulate when it comes to on-trend beauty than Beyonce. The singer who coined the phrase “I woke up like this” always looks positively flawless. But, for us mere mortals, it’s usually a bit more of a struggle.

While her bootylicious body may not quite be so easily achievable, an easy way to copy the trendsetting star is recreate her sweeping eyelashes.

While many celebrities routinely go for the Bambi look with layers of false lashes, experts have warned they have the potential to cause damage if you wear them all the time, especially with double layers, and if you fail to remove them properly, eventually the weight might affect them.

Also the use of glue can create tension and pull out the natural lashes when they’re removed.

If you do choose to use them, use them occasionally, and take them off. However, it is possible to get a natural looking lengthy lash - all you will need is a couple more tubes of mascara.

Here are our top tips for getting the perfect Beyonce style lashes:

Prime lashes with lengthening mascara

Layering your mascara is the key to achieving a natural, lengthy look. Use a black lengthening mascara like Maybelline’s Lash Sensational as a primer. Wiggle it into the roots of your top lashes like a toothbrush, then pull it through for natural lengthening. Maybelline’s jet black liquid ink formula will create dark defined lashes without clumping.

Concentrate on the outer edges

To get Beyonce’s come hither cat-eye effect, concentrate on building up the colour on the outer edges, using a volumising mascara like NARS Audacious Mascara, and for your second layer, just concentrate brushing it on the outer lashes. Then quickly, while the mascara is still wet, push your lashes up with a finger to curl them.

Use a brown mascara to define bottom lashes

For the finishing touch, take a brown lengthening mascara like Benefit They're Real! to use on the bottom lashes. The brown mascara will define eye lashes and the specially designed wand allows plenty of control for an easy and mess-free application. Hold the wand vertically so you can run it over your lashes to lightly coat them. Using brown makes for a more subtle and flattering look up close.

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