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How to keep oily eyelids in check

How to keep oily eyelids in check

It's always annoying to check your face halfway through the day and realise that your eye make-up has smudged all over the place. While such scenarios are usually worse in summer, for people with oily eyelids it's a problem all year round. Greasy eyelids are a pain but there are things you can do to stop them from ruining your look.

Firstly, realise that you're not alone. Everybody produces oil on their lids; it's just that some people's bodies make more than others. It's no different to the way complexions vary.

If you want to tackle the problem, you need to adjust your cleansing routine accordingly. Before you put any make-up on, make sure that your face is completely clean. Try using a gentle cleanser in the mornings to catch any traces you may not have removed correctly the night before. We like Micellar water like the one from Nivea - simply apply to a cotton bud and gently wipe skin. Follow this up with a moisturiser specifically targeted at oily skin (No7 at Boots has a great range) - this won't leave you greasy. Make sure you completely avoid the eye area when applying the cream, as you don't want any more moisture here.

Before you put any eye make-up on at all, make sure the lids are as dry as possible. Start with a blotting sheet, which will literally soak up any hint of moisture. Follow this up with a primer - it's not necessary to use a specific eyeshadow product, a normal face primer will do - we like Smashbox.

When it comes to products, it stands to reason that long-lasting, waterproof ones are for you. NARS do great smudge-proof eyeshadows, which will hopefully see you through the whole day. You can stick to your favourite mascara brand, just make sure you pick the waterproof version.

Finally, finish everything off with a setting spray like MAC's Prep + Prime Fix +.

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