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How to hide a hangover

How to hide a hangover

We’re deep into the holiday season now, and that means attending more parties and social events than usual. It’s easy to get a bit carried away when you have treats and drinks so accessible to you, but it’s the holidays, so what better time to let go? However, if you do happen to let go a little too much and end up nursing a hangover the next day, there are ways to avoid looking like you really did only get two hours of sleep.

Drinking a lot of alcohol is similar to the effects of a long plane ride - it leaves your skin dry. Your skin cells have become dehydrated, and the way to restore them is by cleansing and moisturising thoroughly in order to reduce redness and diminish the tired-looking lines on our face. A simple refreshing face mask will help tremendously, or if you have limited time, face sheet masks are also a good way to go. These fabric facials are made of a thin cotton and are doused in a serum-based formula. These masks also include a lot of vitamins, amino acids and minerals, which increase the water content and temperature of your skin.

It may seem counterintuitive, but skipping foundation will help heal your hangover look. Foundation can dry out your skin, so instead use a BB cream blended with a drop of highlighter. It will give your face that extra tint but hydrate at the same time. If needed, add some concealer.

When it comes to eyes, start by toning down any puffy or dark circles. A cheap and simple trick is to place two warm green teabags underneath your eyes. Let them sit for two minutes, as the caffeine reduces the inflammation and shrinks the blood vessels around the eye area. As for make-up, it’s best to keep the eyes as natural looking as possible. Use light eyeshadows and nude or white eyeliners to disguise any redness.

Lastly, your hair is the finishing touch to looking fresh even if you don’t feel your best. It’s almost as if dry shampoo was made to be used for hangover days, as you probably don’t have the time or energy to do your hair as normal. Also, by tying your hair back, it will give you a more awake look than if it’s down.

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