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How to handle a bad haircut

How to handle a bad haircut

There's nothing worse than forking out on an expensive hair cut, only to be left with a disaster of a do. In the moment you may feel overwhelmed and upset, and it can be hard to know how to handle such an experience. If it's happened to you, or you want to prepare for if you do ever fall victim to a botched chop, experts have shared their advice with us on what to do.

Pete Burkill of the HOB Education Team suggests wearing your tresses with texture and movement to help soften and disguise any uneven, rough edged/lines in the cut. He also suggests this for bad bangs, telling Cover Media: "If you’ve had a bad fringe cut and it’s too short looking, I would soften into the line so it creates a less aggressive feel."

Angelo Vallillo, Creative Director Zullo & Holland, stresses the importance of a good blowdry in covering up any mistakes, and suggests faking a fringe if your bangs have been mistreated by a stylist or yourself during a DIY cut.

Karine Jackson, former London Hairdresser of the Year, also has fringe tips, sharing: "If you’ve been given a bad fringe, I recommended twisting and tucking it underneath the rest of the hair to style it, or use gel and create a rock and roll quiff. If it’s too short, slick back the hair for a wet look finish (like Kim Kardashian and Demi Lovato at the Met Ball)."

Don't be afraid to add to a cut if need be either, as both Karine and Angelo urge people not to be afraid of purchasing extensions. "They can be expensive but they definitely will give you that instant length," Angelo says.

Gary France, a long-standing member of TONI&GUY and the International Artistic Team, suggests tying hair up if you have the length to hide a style you don't like. But if your hair is too short to do this, his advice is using volumising products to enhance your facial features and draw attention away from the do'.

There's one thing all the experts agree with though; speak out if you're unhappy!

"Go back to where you had your hair cut and be honest and open. Make sure that your stylist is aware of the problem and that you are able to both come up with a good solution," Gary shares, while Rae Palmer, Revlon Ambassador of We Love Salons, adds: "No hairdresser sets out to do a bad job, so if you’re unhappy, ALWAYS go back to the salon as they’ll want to fix this immediately. I’d rather someone went and got their hair cut corrected."

"Don’t be scared to go back to salon to see if there is anything the stylist can do to salvage your haircut," Pete said. "You are their best marketing source, so they do want you to feel happy."

If it's an uneven finish you're left with, Hiro Miyoshi - founder of Mayfair's Hiro Miyoshi Hair & Beauty - shares what to have done.

"If the hair cut is shorter on one side, the best way to amend this would be to level the cut out and shorten the layers to achieve balance," Hiro explains. And in this case, Hiro notes you shouldn't be afraid to try new hairstyles as it may be the key to keeping your tresses looking presentable!

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