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How-to guide: Sculpting and more

How-to guide: Sculpting and more

An ongoing series on how to do everything from pop a spot to how to achieve the perfect feline flick. From the gross to the glamorous, follow our simple beauty guide.

Sculpt with bronzer

Contouring isn't the only way to sculpt your face; the look can also be achieved just with bronzer.

1. To start, tap off excess bronzer from brush, so you don't overdo the look.

2. Suck in cheeks

3. Buff back and forth, starting near your ear and tracing under cheekbones

Add glow with highlighter

It seems beauty is all about strobing right now and while it may not be a new trend, it is make-up's latest buzz word.

Like bronzer, you can use it to sculpt by buffering highlighter into your cheekbones. But getting a glow requires a different technique.

1. Apply in a C-shape, from your brow down to your eye socket

2. Add a sweep down the bridge of your nose

3. Lastly, add a speck to your Cupid's bow

 Make eyes look rounder

Just like bronzer and highlighter can alter the dimensions of the face, mascara and eyeliner can change how your eye shape appears.

1. Apply liner below your bottom lashes, in the middle only. A gel liner is perfect for this, as you can smudge it slightly to avoid a line that's too sharp

2. Apply liner along the top lash line, thickening in the middle

3. Concentrate mascara on the middle section of both top and bottom lashes

4. Add a sweep of light brown eyeshadow into the crease of your eye socket to really emphasise the shape

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