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How-to guide: Applying fake lashes and more

How-to guide: Applying fake lashes and more

An ongoing series revealing how to do everything from pop a spot to achieve the perfect feline flick. From the gross to the glamorous, follow our simple beauty guide.

Apply fake lashes

When mascara just won't cut it, head for the falsies. Some may be apprehensive of the lash imposters, but we talk you through applying them like a pro.

1. Coat lashes in one sweep of mascara

2. Cut lashes to desired length, going a bit shorter than your actual lashes to avoid any overhang

3. Apply a thin layer of glue on the false lashes and leave for at least 30 seconds (glue should start turning from white to clear)

4. Pinching one end of the lashes with tweezers, push onto top lash line, starting at the outside corner. This will give the finished look a more natural feel and avoid the dreaded overhang

5. Leave for a minute, then gently press a cotton bud across the length of the strip to make sure lashes sure in place

6. Add a coat of mascara

Make your own sugar scrub

Sugar scrub is a great exfoliator and works wonders at buffing dead skin, leaving you with a fresh look. Sugar scrub is also an ideal pre and post-fake tan routine; prepping skin for tanning, then getting rid of the last remains of it when you're done. Don't worry about shelling out on expensive products though; making your own is easy. Try Denise Rabor's recipe by simply mixing the following ingredients together.

1/2 cup of brown sugar

1/4 cup of sweet almond oil or coconut oil

1 teaspoon of grapefruit oil

4 teaspoons of grapefruit juice

1/2 teaspoon of peppermint oil

Remove hangnails

Hangnails can be both unsightly and irritatingly painful. Avoid picking or gnawing at them; instead, get rid of them the right way.

1. Soak nails in warm water for five minutes

2. Clip off the hangnail neatly with sharp cuticle scissors. Make sure they are clean; otherwise the area could get even more inflamed and possibly infected

3. Massage a drop of Vitamin E oil around the nail

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