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How to fix flaky lips and polish perfectly

How to fix flaky lips and polish perfectly

An ongoing series on how to do everything from pop a spot to achieving the perfect feline flick. From the gross to the glamorous, follow our simple beauty guide.

Fix flaky lips

Flaky lips are not a welcome addition to our face and can crop up in winter from too much central heating and wind whipping our faces and in summer with too much sun exposure. But freeing yourself of the flake is easy!

1. Wet a flannel with hot water, squeeze off the excess, and gently rub back and forth over your lips buffering off excess flakes.

2. Apply a lanolin-based balm all over the lips. We like Eau Thermale Avène Cold Cream Lip Balm.

3. Repeat twice a week.

Alternatively you can use a soft bristled tooth brush, starting at the corners of your lips, rub gently until you get to the other side. Lush do a great range of Lip Scrubs too, so it's worth investing in a little pot.

Perfect polish

We've all been there, painting our nails in a rush and making a right mess of it. Smudges, sections missing and not great coverage. Well put down your brush and listen up; perfect polish is all about the middle of your nail!

1. Start with the brush in the middle of your nail.

2. Push it down to the cuticle, then sweep up to the tip.

3. Repeat either side.

4. Add a clear top coat for extra staying power.

Make eyes look brighter

Banish small eyes that get lost in your other make-up.

1. Don't apply eyeliner all around the eye. Instead line from the middle to the out corner only.

2. Extend the line beyond the lashes.

3. Apply highlighter or white eyeliner to the inner corners.

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