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How to get your legs as fit as a Moulin Rouge dancer

How to get your legs as fit as a Moulin Rouge dancer

Le Moulin Rouge has a new “meneuse de revue” (lead dancer); Caroline Raynal, who was born and raised in the UK. She is living her dream right now as the principle dancer of the famous Parisian cabaret. “Obviously Le Moulin Rouge is a really big thing for any dancer, it’s the most famous cabaret in the world. I auditioned in London and I never thought it would actually come true that I would be given the permission (to join),” she told Cover Media. “I feel really privileged when the principle before me retired and asked me to be the new meneuse. It was very, very special. I was over the moon."

Being the “meneuse de revue” means Caroline has to keep in shape no matter what, even during Christmas time. That means she has some great tips for keeping toned, so if your dream is to have the same legs as a French cancan dancer you can follow her advice. “I like to walk my dog. We (her and her husband) live not far away from Le Bois de Vincennes, so it’s nice to take the dog for a walk. Sometimes I run. I did the Paris 20K. I’ve never done the marathon yet, but I do enjoy running”, she explained.

Running is not her only tip - the gym is also a big thing in her routine. “I do cardio on the cross trainer," she added. "I think it’s the best thing to do. It’s good for the legs. In my job, you need to keep you legs strong and flexible, so it’s perfect. I do also classes at the gym, like ‘abdo fessier’ class (tum and bum) just to keep in shape, and also stretching to keep flexible."

Now you’ve got your muscles ready and your legs perfectly fit, don’t forget your skin. “I moisturise them as well. But during the show we don't have bare legs, we wear fishnets. But you have to wax them. No hair on the legs!” she laughed.

And if you want to see Caroline Raynal dancing, you just have to book a table at Le Moulin Rouge during your next trip to Paris!

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