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How to get salt-sprayed beachy waves

How to get salt-sprayed beachy waves

If Khloe Kardashian's beachy waves on the Kardashians’ recent Costa Rica vacay caused you serious hair envy, read on. The fitness mad reality star went for the ultimate tousled, beachy waves on her latest sunsoaked trip, which was of course heavily documented on Instagram. Pictured wearing a yellow swimsuit, Khloe's sun-kissed locks had us reaching for the salt spray quicker than you could say “Selfie!”

And even if you don't have a glam squad on hand to attend to your tresses, this eternal favourite is easy to recreate with a few tools.

We spoke to celebrity hair stylist Matthew Curtis, famed for his work on TV show Britain's Next Top Model, who told us how to get this look in a few easy steps.

"For a beachy hair down style, try quickly feeding your hair through flat irons in a soft shape to create a soft wavy feel,” Matthew tells Cover Media.

“Start at the nape of the neck and taking a large section of the hair, feed it through straighteners, starting at the root and bending the hair into an ‘S’ shape as you carry on towards the ends. Repeat this all the way up to the top of the head, but don’t worry about being too particular as this look is more ‘undone'."

To finish the look, spray a sea salt spray throughout the hair and add some dry shampoo to the ends, before shaking out the waves to create that beachy look.

This look suits most hair types, so don't be put off if you have thin hair, as using a curling iron and some dry shampoo with help to add extra volume and texture to the waves.

If you're worried about frizz, Dr. Organics Peppermint Organic Hair Cream conditions hair and can be used as a leave in conditioner to eliminate frizz and keep it looking silky and soft, as well as keeping waves in place. So get practicing ahead of your next beach getaway, and perfect that beachy wave look.

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