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How to get rid of glitter

How to get rid of glitter

Glitter make-up divides the beauty lovers of the world; while some can't get enough, others avoid it like the plague. But there's one thing even the biggest glitter fan can't deny: it's a complete pain to remove! Thankfully we've rounded up some of the top tips for getting squeaky clean after digging too deep into the glitter pot.

If you've used sparkly make-up around the eye area, be extra careful. Skin is sensitive here and you want to avoid getting sharp glitter particles anywhere near your actual eye. Start with a make-up wipe or cotton buds dipped into an oil-based cleanser and simply hold over the glittery area. A lot should come away on the wipe or cotton bud without the need for rubbing.

If you don't have a fancy cleanser/face oil to hand, actual oil will also do the trick. Whether it's coconut, baby or olive oil: just slather onto a cotton bud and get that glitter loosened up.

Once the particles are nice and loose, it's time to reach for your usual cleanser and gently wash things away. Keep eyes firmly shut and try not to scrub too hard - it could still scratch your skin.

Even when you think everything's been rinsed off, you'll probably find a rogue piece of glitter on your cheek or under your left eyebrow every time it catches the light a certain way. Here's where you need to get crafty and use some beauty initiative. We think Sellotape works best, but sticky plasters and scotch tape are alternative options.

Place on the areas still in the grip of glitter and then peel away very, very gently. You don't want to rip and leave the area red and sore. If you have super-sensitive skin, get some of the stickiness off the Sellotape by sticking it to and ripping it off your hand a few times first.

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