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How to get gorgeous curly hair with drinking straws

How to get gorgeous curly hair with drinking straws

There may be multiple products on the market to help you get gorgeous curly hair, but you can also get the look with something most often found in the kitchen cupboard – the humble drinking straw.

Yes, you read that right! Forget expensive devices, all you actually need is a box of straws.

Wash your hair first and then towel dry. Apply a leave in conditioner and run a comb through to make sure the locks are completely detangled. Divide the hair into smaller sections and secure with hairbands to ensure things don’t get too messy. Pick a strand of hair (from the smaller section you already defined) and using a water sprayer, moisten the locks if they have started to dry.

Take the straw (if you have shorter hair then cut the straw down) and, starting with the bottom of your chosen strand, wrap the hair around it. The tightness you opt for here will determine the finish of the curls – the tighter the hair, the tighter the curl.

Once the straw is wrapped with your hair, use a hair pin or Kirby grip to secure into place. As you progress with this, you might find you start running out of space to pin the straw to your scalp so you may have to grip to another strand.

Once your hair is completely wrapped around the straws, it’s very important to let it dry completely. If you feel comfortable enough, sleep in them, but if not then allow time to leave your hair to dry naturally for a good couple of hours. After your hair is dry, carefully remove the hair grips and slowly uncurl the hair. Once you have uncurled every straw, use your fingers to run through the ringlets. Don’t use a brush or you will end up with a frizzy mess.

If frizz is a problem for you, then grab some serum or oil and use on the hair once it’s all uncurled to define the curls some more.

And voila! Gorgeous, wavy hair without damaging your locks with curling irons… and for a fraction of the price.

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