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How to get beautiful brows

How to get beautiful brows

They frame the face and can either make or break your look. From over-tweezed slithers to bushy caterpillars, the problems we encounter with our brows are multiple. However, the correct tools, tips and products can ensure you are left with gorgeous brows that would leave Cara Delevingne green with envy.

Getting the perfect shape

Semi-permanent make-up technician Sophie Doros, co-founder of The Mint Clinic, says the perfect brow shape is based on “none other than da Vinci’s divine measurements, which when followed should ensure that yours look like works of art!” She adds: “Brows should ideally begin in line with the inner corner of your eyes, with the length of the entire brow usually around 5cm from the fronts to the end of the tails. The ideal end point of your tails should continue an imaginary straight line from the outside of your nostril to the outside of your eye.”


There are some beauty tools you can afford to skimp on, but tweezers are not one of them. It’s well worth spending a little bit more to ensure you get an effective pair of tweezers that don’t cause damage to the sensitive skin around the eye by failing to clasp the hair. Browtician have a great range of tweezers at an affordable price, and come complete in a stylish case. The perfect choice for this warmer weather is Browtician’s new Loud Brow Bluebird tweezers – a stainless steel pair in a gorgeous turquoise colour for the summer. While tweezers are undoubtedly the best option, the new Veet Sensitive Precision™ Beauty Styler is another way of taming brows. It’s battery operated with a dual ended trimmer that’s been designed for precision so there’s little chance of your grooming session going wrong.

Over-tweezing remedies

If you’ve got a bit too tweezer happy, don’t despair. There are a host of products on the market that promote hair growth in the eyebrow area and will help them return to full, luscious looking brows. Try Mary Kay’s Lash & Brow Building Serum, which improves the look of thin, sparse brows and can also be used on lashes. Or give Hi Brow lash and brow growth serum a go, which contains keratin and caffeine for thicker fuller brows. But you don’t have to splash out on an expensive product… you can always raid your kitchen cupboard. “Coconut oil isn’t just a nifty product in the kitchen, it can also be applied topically to help encourage healthy, impressive eyebrows as it is full of proteins and nutrients like vitamin E and iron,” Sophie explained. “Apply to your eyebrows using your fingertips, massaging in gently for a few minutes to boost blood circulation.”


If all else fails, look no further than eyebrow pencils, palettes or gels to shade in over-tweezed areas to give the impression of gorgeous brows. A celebrity favourite product is WunderBrow – a Hair Fiber Complex using PermaFix Technology to offer women the perfect brow in seconds. It’s also water-proof, smudge-proof and transfer-proof and will “last until you decide to take it off” making it the perfect holiday choice, as well as on a day-to-day basis. If you’re a bit worried about getting the perfect shape then try Cherry Blooms Fiber Brow Kit With Stencils. This semi-permanent formula, a blend of natural fibres and smooth powder, can fill in gaps and extend length where needed, and comes with stencils to create the best look for your face shape.

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