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How to: Festive edition

How to: Festive edition

An ongoing series on how to do everything from pop a spot to how to achieve the perfect feline flick. From the gross to the glamorous, follow our simple beauty guide.

Christmas red lip

Yes, it’s stereotypically festive but who cares? If you can’t paint your pout red at Christmas then when can you?

1. Make sure lips are well moisturised in the hours leading up to putting your lipstick on. No dry flaky lips here! Use a sugar scrub if you are suffering with any flakiness.

2. Choose your favourite shade of red and paint it on with a brush, starting on the bottom lip.

3. Grab your matching shade of lipliner AFTER the lipstick to help line the lip accurately. Make sure the pencil is sharp and apply around the edges of your lips, enhancing your cupid’s bow.

4. For thin lipped ladies cheat your way to fullness by lining slightly over your lip line.

5. Smack your lips together to fully blend and smooth things out.

Sparkly smoky eyes

Grab your favourite sparkle and shine like the Christmas star you are.

1. Start with a primer to make sure it lasts longer than using neutral eyeshadow, and apply across the lid as your transitional shade.

2. Add a sparkly colour, like gold, sweeping it just over where your eyeball is and no further up.

3. Add a darker shade that goes well with your sparkle, like a brown shade with gold, to the outer corner of the eye, blending it up to your eyelid crease.

4. Add another complementary dark colour, maybe a deep bronze, to the eye’s crease, blending out to the corner as you go.

5. Using a pointed brush add a dark grey to black shade to the outer corner of the eye. Don’t blend up too high; the aim is just to intensify the crease of the eye.

6. Using a fluffy brush play around with the look until you are happy with the blend.

7. Finish off with thick black liquid or gel liner and mascara or fake lashes.

8. For extra sparkle add glitter gel liner in a matching shade to your sparkle over the whole lid and then apply loose glitter.

9. Add black and glittery eyeliner to your waterline for even more impact.

Party season pony

Bored with curls and over poker straight looks? Go for a chic ponytail for understated glamour.

1. Create a middle or side parting and blow dry your hair in sections with a large round brush to add volume.

2. When all the hair is dry, comb the top section of the hair to create added volume.

3. Gather the hair into the nape of your neck and secure with a hair tie.

4. Smooth some serum down the ponytail and fix with hairspray to keep in place.

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