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How to do modern violet

How to do modern violet

Having covered lavender and lily of the valley, we're now looking at another perfume staple: violets. Much like lavender these have a bit of a stigma attached because they were hugely popular during the late 19th and 20th centuries, which put simply means they are often associated with an older generation.

Violets have a sweet floral scent but are also renowned for their therapeutic qualities, as they're said to help fight a range of ills including colds, asthma and some infections. The leaves and the actual flower smell different too, with the bloom having more of a powdery and woody smell. In contrast, the leaves have more of a green scent, almost like mown grass. If you like fresher scents this is the note you need to look for in your violet perfume.

Another interesting thing about the flower is that it contains a compound called ionone, which numbs the nose. That means that once you've smelt them it doesn't matter how much you sniff, you won't get the scent again.

Notes which team well with violet include berries, citrus fruits, sandalwood and vanilla.

If you want to sniff a little deeper you could do worse than trying one of these classic violet offerings.

Guerlain Insolence

This is fruity and floral and one for perfume aficionados who like their scent full throttle. The violet is teamed with iris in the heart, with top notes of red berries and base notes of sandalwood finishing the blend.

Alexander McQueen My Queen

This is a veritable who's who of perfume notes so it's not for the faint hearted! Among the smells making an appearance are almond, orange, white musk, cedar, iris and vanilla.

Balenciaga Paris

This is a sophisticated scent which isn't too heavy, so it's good for day wear. It has woody base notes and green leaves included for a fresh take on violet.

Tom Ford Violet Blonde

Another good day option, this is light but sticks around so you don't have to worry about your scent disappearing. It has notes of mandarin, pink pepper, jasmine, suede and cedar.

Yardley London April Violets

This is a clean, floral fragrance which smells like an updated version of a classic violet perfume. Complementing the blooms are notes of citrus fruits, white peach, sandalwood and vanilla.

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